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So, first day training for the TD Waterhouse program. Day is goingb y fast. Seems pretty cool, a bit overwhelming, but very interesting. All calls will be Canadian. Must know phonetic alaphabet. We are just a help desk for the website basically, anything else we can transfer them to a broker or something, haha. Either way, I got my contract renewed 'til August 30th, '06, so that's cool. Dropping my application in the mail for NSCC tomorrow, hopefully I get in for September, then I might be able to get part time hours here? If not I'll leave. Looking into a company called Arbonne to be a sales rep, seems to be a nifty way to make some extra cash if it works, no cost to myself, so that's not so bad. Anyways, lunch is about over, guess I'd better head back for training :) Ciao
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