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I feel like singing

So, it is decided. I am going to NSCC this September to take Business and Administration. Hopefully Resolve will let me work part time hours while going to school (they have for other people, so I don't see it being a problem).

Soon vacation time, PEI bound, provided my supervisor remembered to sign the papers and give it to me ...

RJ is back working at Boston Pizza, it's weird coming home from work and him not being here ... plus I have to get up early on my days off, haha. He is working on getting his license though, I'm teaching him to drive (scary, I know)!

This "summer" has been really weird thus far ... rainy, windy, nice temperature one day, sweltering heat the next ... I'm finding it hard to adjust so I keep getting sick :(

I really haven't had much to do this summer. All in all, it's been going great though.

TD Waterhouse is by far better than Rebates at the call centre. I love working there :)

My birthday is coming up soon ... August 7th and I'll be 20! I'm excited even though I probably won't be doing anything, haha.

Although Robin's 20th is sooner than mine - the 22nd of July, so wish her a very happy birthday as well.

One more year 'til I have paperwork and lawyer's to deal with for my uncle's will ... not looking forward to that.

Chad has a car yet doesn't have his beginner's nor the intent to get them from what I can see. It pisses me off because I was forced into taking YD, getting my beginner's and going to get my fulls, but no, he can just sit on his ass and do nothing!

I am likely going to see PotC2 again this Thursday or Friday if it's still playing as I want to see it again and Chad would like to see it (RJ and I have already gone).

Also, my bedroom is having an ant control problem, it's really gross and annoying. They are coming in under the siding somewhere so we're going to have to spray.

Had a weird dream the other night about being trapped in some kind of twisted fun house with all my friends and then bad guys chasing us around so we pushed them into a giant tub of melted cheese ... I have no clue!

Anyways, off to do some laundry then for a swim :)
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