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At work ... working extended hours again. 10-7 this week, 3-12s next week. I have this weekend off as well as next weekend.

We were supposed to be going to the casino this weekend with Matt and Ayasha but Ayasha can't go now and Matt won't fucking text me back to tell me whether he still wants to go or not. Tonight we're supposed to be getting a shitty bunch of weather (snow, rain, freezing rain) so we probably won't go anyways.

Matt leaves on the 13th for the states to visit his internet woman ... I keep telling him she's going to take his skin and wear it ... apparently he doesn't think so and says he'll be back in 2 weeks.

Been sick this past week, starting to feel better though, damn doctors giving me shit I can't take ... I was originally on something that made it impossible for my vision to focus on anything - it was like having permanent drunk vision. It's all good now, Amoxicillan how I love you.

Work is going pretty good. I'm so thankful to finally have a drug plan!

Saw Cloverfield the other week, it was actually a decent movie. I understand why some people don't like it - it's a movie you have to appreciate and get by the use of the handicam Blair Witch-esque look. A few scenes made me nauseous but I think that's what they wanted when they made it. Plans for a sequel are in the works from what I hear.

RJ and I got another puppy. My supervisor at work got a back lab but her 3 year old daughter was terrified of her so they had to get rid of her. Long story short, RJ and I decided to take her. She's a Black Lab and her name is Lacey, she'll be 9 weeks old on Monday :) We now have a black dog and a white dog - Akira is about 10 months old now. They play well together but Akira needs to realise how much larger she is in comparison to Lacey ... if I get to Nanny's house anytime soon, I'll see if I can upload some pics of our babies for all to see.

It's nice living on our own ... though I can't wait for Spring clean-up so I can get rid of all the shit we don't need so we can finally get everything organized and have place to put everything. My spare bedroom looks more like an explosion site at the moment and the spare room looks worse. The only thing I'd like to change in the house is the size of the bathroom - it's soooo tiny. All things come in time.

I've got a very old fridge that still runs, not so pretty looking but would be great for a camp/cottage - free to any takers but you would have to come get it.

Anyways, I suppose I should go back to work ... we're kinda slow today. Hope to see you all soon. I do miss you all and love you to pieces. To those who read this - if ever yo uwish to call me my cell phone # is 212-2785. I'd love a call from anyone, if I don't answer I have voicemail.
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