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7 August 1986
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Name: Ashley

Age: 21

Location: Nova Scotia

Random Facts: My favorite color is pink. I have many nicknames and petnames (such as; Ash, Ashee, Ashee-Pooh, Princess, etc). My favorite flower of all is a pink rose, 2nd to that are daisies and sunflowers. I prefer black over white. I have dark brown hair, fairly long now. I have dark brown eyes (though they seem to change from an amber color to dark brown depending on my mood at times). I can't lie. I wear glasses. I love lipchap (addicted to it is more like it). I will take the smell of vanilla over chocolate but will eat chocolate depending on my mood. I'm a self-proclaimed dork. I dress preppy most of the time, but my personality doesn't match what you'd think I'd be like the first time you see me (hah, ask RJ ...). I'm currently seeing the most incredible guy ever and I love him lots (yes, I'm a sap). I keep busy with work (call centre) and RJ (my boyfriend) and Akira and Lacey (my puppies). Anyways ... e-mail me, comment on my LJ or something if you wanna know more or anything ...

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aerosmith, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american history x, animals, apple juice, art, artsy stuff, beach, beer, being silly, black and white photography, blood, board games, books, boys, bracelets, canada, candles, candy, cartoons, cds, cheech and chong, cherries, chinese food, chocolate, chocolate milk, coffee, comedy, concerts, cookies, cooking, creativity, cuddling, death metal, digital cameras, dimmu borgir, dogs, dreams, drinking, driving, evanescence, family guy, fantasies, fashion, fire, forests, friends, from hell, girlie stuff, goo goo dolls, hanging out with friends, hats, heavy metal, hello kitty, hoodies, hugs, ice, icons, intelligence, internet, jeff hardy, jewelery, johnny depp, junk food, kissing, laughing, leather, linkin park, lipgloss, liqour, listening to music, long hair, makeup, making icons, malls, marilyn manson, metal, milkshakes, money, movies, msn, muppets, music, my future, my room, myself, nature, night, nightmare before christmas, nova scotia, o-town, pain, parties, pasta, pauly shore, peter steele, photography, pictures, pink, pirates of the caribbean, poetry, powerpuff girls, queen, quizzes, rain, rainbows, rammstein, reading, rock, rocky horror picture show, romeo + juliet, roses, rum, sarcasm, saved by the bell, sex, shiny things, shopping, silver, sinning, sleeping, snow, stars, stickers, stuff, stuffed animals, summer, sun, swimming, talking, tea, that 70's show, the 80's, the simpsons, tiburons, truth, type o negative, vinyl, will & grace, winnie the pooh, winter, writing, wwe

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